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The music for the film series has featured the work of the cream of film composers including John Williams (who received Academy Award nominations for two films in the series), Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat.This unique triple LP, 33 track collection of new recordings by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra brings together the music from all eight films for the very first time.

1-1 Hedwig's Theme
1-2 Harry's Wondrous World
1-3 Nimbus 2000
1-4 Christmas at Hogwarts
1-5 Leaving Hogwarts
1-6 Fawkes the Phoenix
1-7 The Chamber of Secrets
1-8 Gilderoy Lockhart
1-9 Dobby the House Elf
1-10 Reunion of Friends
1-11 Aunt Marge's Waltz
1-12 The Knight Bus
1-13 Double Trouble
2-1 A Window to the Past
2-2 Witches, Wands and Wizards
2-3 Mischief Managed/A Window to the Past/Buckbeak's Flight
2-4 Quiddich World Cup/Foreign Visitors Arrive
2-5 The Golden Egg
2-6 Neville's Waltz
2-7 Harry in Winter
2-8 Potter Waltz
2-9 Black Lake
3-1 Hogwarts March
3-2 Another Year Ends
3-3 Hogwarts Hymn
3-4 A Journey to Hogwarts
3-5 Professor Umbridge
3-6 Sirius Deception/Dumbledores Army
3-7 Flight of the Order of the Phoenix
3-8 Loved Ones and Leaving
3-9 Dumbledores Farewell
3-10 Obliviate
3-11 Lily's Theme

Option: The Greatest Harry Potter Film Music Collection
Option: The Greatest Harry Potter Film Music Collection

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Worth every penny!

It came inside 2 weeks. Package was intact. Overall, I really liked the product! Recommend for every HP collector and fan!